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Do you want more: Confidence? Energy? Improved health and fitness? Fulfillment? Peace of mind? Are you ready to build habits to create a lifestyle you enjoy? Do you want to level up your life?!

Are you ready to RESET and move forward in ALL the areas?

TWO bosses, Tiffiny & Sharon, are here to make it happen!  


30 Days to Uplevel Your Life Is Right For You If:

  • You know you are capable of more but you crave direction

  • You are physically exhausted and spent

  • You are sick of the yo-yo dieting

  • You are working ridiculous hours, but feel spent but unfulfilled

  • You’ve gained weight from stress and overwork

  • You crave authenticity about the process, versus get rich/skinny quick programs

  • You find yourself spending more time researching ideas than taking action

  • You are constantly seeking some kind of guidebook or roadmap

  • You admire strong successful women, but don't know how to become one

  • You are a professional OR entrepreneur who wants to start your journey of personal development

Accountability + Direction + Effort = Forward Momentum

Course Outline:

  • Pre-work: 

    Monday May 6: Goal Setting: This video will help you think through the goals want to set and accomplish by the end of the 30 days. 

    **Schedule is subject to change**

    Week 1: Self Development: 

    • Personal branding: You are your brand

    • Confidence: How To OWN a Room

    Week 1: Health and Wellness: 

    • Understanding nutrition and what will work for your body.

    • Introduction To Movement

    Week 2: Self Development: 

    • Create a Powerful Daily Routine: Morning, Day & Night 

    • What Self Care REALLY Is

    Week 2: Health and Wellness: 

    • Understanding Emotional Eating; 

    • Understanding Stress + Weight Gain

    Week 3, Monday May 27: Self Development: 

    • The Bigger Thing: How To Think Big Picture 

    • The Manifest List: How I Manifested A Car Engine for FREE 

    Week 3, Thursday May 30: Health and Wellness: 

    • Meditation For Anxiety

    • The Power Of Mindset 

    Week 4, Monday June 3: Self Development:

    • The Power of Words 

    • Relationship With Money 

    • Decluttering

    Week 4, Thursday June 6: Health and Wellness: 

    • Journaling: How To Get Downloads & Answers  

    • Affirmations: This One Thing Can CHANGE Your Life 

    Bonus Week items: Knowing What You Want, Your Ideal Day 

    • Your Inner Circle: Inspiration + Profits  

    • Looking Expensive: On The Cheap  

The 30 Day Program: $97  

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  • Private Facebook Group: Network, be accountable and share in a safe space!

  • Short, Powerful Lessons 2x Per Week: Delivered by email on Monday + Thursday, each lesson is designed to be truly transformative on it’s own

  • Live Conversations: We’ll show up online (you’ll get the schedule via email!) and share some of the most powerful lessons we’ve learned as entrepreneurs, women and speakers.

VIP Experience: $499 ($2800 value)

Sign Up NOW to get a GROCERY LIST immediately!

Tiffiny Fambro is a competitive athlete, corporate speaker and high level fitness coach for CEO’s! Sharon is an international speaker, author, marketing and profitability mentor AND owns two national businesses.

Working with us individually 1-2-1 is $2,000+ a month, because we get results. We wanted to create a system that affordable and that, if you put in the work, could truly change your life.

If you want custom feedback and high end coaching, this is for YOU!

  • Early Bird (sign up before May 1st) — get an extra bonus call with either Tiffiny or Sharon (depending on your goals) scheduled right away! I KNOW you are ready to get going today!

  • 2 Laser Focused Phone Health Coaching Sessions With Tiffiny: Talk about your personal health and fitness goals, ideas around nutrition, problem areas, and learning to build a wellness plan that works for your on-the go life.

  • Workouts: Get a workout plan, available only to current Build Body Wealth Clients!

  • Healthy Meal Plan : Want to know exactly what to eat? When? And how much? This daily plan will break down exactly what you need to do to jump start transformation!

  • 2 Laser Focused Phone Strategy Sessions With Sharon: Where are you? What do you want? What’s holding you back? How do you move forward? You want the nitty gritty of moving forward, we’re going to dive in. Session #1 will be at the beginning of the 30 days, and Session #2. will be during the last week… business, profitability and being a total badass, I got you.

  • PLUS everything in the main program:

  • Private Facebook Group: Network, be accountable and share in a safe space!

  • Short, Powerful Lessons 2x Per Week: Delivered by email on Monday + Thursday, each lesson is designed to be truly transformative on it’s own

  • Live Conversations: We’ll show up online (you’ll get the schedule via email!) and share some of the most powerful lessons we’ve learned as entrepreneurs, women and speakers.


Tiffiny Fambro M.P.H.: Healthy Lifestyle Coach

  • Owner/Founder of Build Body Wealth

  • Speaker

  • Online Coach

  • Fitness Expert

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Sharon Gutierrez: Marketing & Profitability Mentor

  • International Speaker

  • Founder of Shar’Enterprise: A Digital Marketing Agency

  • Founder of Compliments Of Sharon

  • Award winning digital course creator

  • FORCE of Nature.

Our Stories ran parallel…

Watch our LIVE about us sharing our story!

Watch our LIVE about us sharing our story!

You can’t imagine two more different people, Tiffiny and myself, but when we share our stories and where we came from, we could have been the same person.

We both grew up quiet, shy kids with low confidence and low self-esteem. Tiffiny said she always had the feeling of wanting to leave home, because she knew there was more for her. For myself, I knew I was destined for something great, but had no concept of what that could possibly be.

We both retreated into reading a LOT to escape a reality plagued with poverty and social expectations of all the ‘right’ things we were “told” to do. Not having a true sense of self, or valuing who we were as individuals led us down a path of toxic relationships.

When I met Tiff a year ago, I knew we were destined to do SOMETHING together but had no idea what. It was just a matter of timing... her drive, commitment to personal development and integrity were all completely in sync with my own. It’s rare to find such a kindred soul!
— Sharon on collaborating with Tiffiny

Through a LOT of hard work, we created the perfect-on-paper lives -Educated; Married; Fast-Paced Careers. Check check check, but….we both acknowledged that we were MISERABLE. Even though we had not yet met, our lives were literally running parallel. Ironically even though we were physically in different places, we were both 2 women going through the exact same experience and cracking under the pain and exhaustion of “keeping up appearances”.

The SHIFT: Realizing that we were unfulfilled, we both made a decision to take control and create the lives we wanted. We found our voice, we found our joy and we found the love that we had for ourselves. It’s from this place that we were able to to help other women not feel so alone, bringing a message of hope, providing tools for women to brand themselves, become healthier, more energized and truly learn to define their own success .

Our story continues, as two badass women, walking in our on own POWER and zones of GENUIS. Speakers, business owners, and creators of our dream lives. Personal development is one of the cornerstones of what we do, recognizing that if we can truly become the best versions of ourselves (always a work in progress), then all the other things (healthier bodies, increased fitness, productivity, better businesses, better flow and more money) would all follow.

For the next 30 days, starting MAY 7th, join us as we share the many lessons, tools and exercises that we have leaned on to become who we are today.  



Every effort has been made to accurately represent this training and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings are exceptional results and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on their background, professional ability and level of follow-through. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money with the methods taught during this mentorship. The templates provided are for educational purposes only and should not be used as legal or financial advice.