About Sharon Gutierrez

Sharon Gutierrez is the owner of a digital advertising agency and a dynamic, engaging business speaker, known for her straight-forward attitude and unique ability to break down and explain complex thoughts into actionable steps for her audience.

Sharon was raised in Alaska and put herself through college with little support, graduated with honors and then moved to Hawai'i. She quickly became the marketing director for a local nonprofit and from there, she launched a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, social media and small business strategies on Oahu, Maui and Big Island and now, Atlanta and Alaska.

Often described as a ‘force of nature’ or ‘activator’ for both soloprenuers and small businesses, she splits her time between doing consulting work and training for franchises, coaching entrepreneurs and creating content for her online courses, with her favorite platform being Instagram.

Her motivational talk, “Building Empires From Nothing: One Step At A Time” discusses how being successful includes having drive, managing priorities, being resourceful, building relationships and not always blending into social norms.

When not working you can find her reading by the pool, spending time with her dog, Chupacabra, or at Sephora!

“Whatever you do… own it!” — Sharon Gutierrez

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