Down & Dirty Facebook Advertising

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"Desperate 30-Year Old Consultant On The Verge of Quitting, Turns It All Around Specializing In ONE Simple Service... Now She Brings In $11,235 A Month And It's Only Getting Better." 

EXPLOIT HER SECRET! Get Ready For Clients Every Month When You Copy This Under-The-Radar Approach To Facebook Advertising

The Truth Why Business Owners Want Facebook Marketing

Because Facebook Advertising does what local business owners want Better than ANYTHING Else. They Get...

  •  FAST Results! Often in as little as a Day or Two.
  •  Highly targeted. Your ad only shows to people most likely to be looking for what you offer.
  •  Facebook influenced 52% of consumers’ online and offline purchases

Local businesses know Facebook is where the customers are. There are over 40 million small business pages on Facebook. 4 million of those are currently spending money on Facebook Advertising. And getting no or very little return for their investment.

Get Ready for Clients when Using this Under-The-Radar Approach to Facebook Advertising

When you follow the strategies laid out in Down & Dirty Facebook advertising you'll be able to deliver results for ANY local business. When You Deliver Results, Clients Come To You... And Stay With You.


Imagine the fees you'll be able to charge when you can deliver results like this.

Or Results Like This...

You're Getting ALL The Shortcuts

It's taken me 3 years of study and testing to be able to deliver results like you see above. In Down & Dirty Facebook Advertising I'm giving you the shortcut to succeeding with Facebook advertising for local businesses.

  •  I've tested and observed results from hundreds of different Facebook ad campaigns
  •  I've spent 3 years refining my approach to make it easier and faster
  •  I continued to fine tune and test RIGHT UP TO THIS LAUNCH, so nothing is outdated!

Facebook For Local Is Different. 

Just knowing Facebook Is NOT Enough.  Generic training won't cut it and you'll see the difference. No Udemy course, no bloated corporate training will give you what you need to make money.  The real power is in knowing what leverage Local gives you with Facebook and how to take advantage of it.

What Does Good Facebook Ad Training Cost?

A quick check on the internet and you'll discover courses, training, conferences and coaching for Facebook Advertising. Prices range from $10 all the way up to $3,500!...Yet NONE have what Down & Dirty Facebook Advertising provides; REAL WORLD Experience putting dollars into ads and getting high ROI's (Return On Investment).

Inside My Step-By-Step New Training:


Introduction & Overview

  • Introduction & Overview of System
  • Always Start With This (Most people get this wrong)
  • Facebook Business Manager (Do you need it?)

Creating Facebook Ads That Win

  • Not All Ads Are Created Equal
  • The Secret To Writing Facebook Ads That Convert
  • Over The Shoulder Facebook Ad Creation
  • Fixing Ads That Are Rejected
  • Creating Rejection Proof Ads
  • Optimizing Your Facebook Ads

Budgeting for Maximum Results

  • Budgeting For Maximum Results(downloadable budgeting worksheet included)
  • What Affects Cost-Per-Click
  • How We Budget & Price Services At Shar'Enterprise

Bonus Trainings & Templates

  • Over The Shoulder Facebook Ad Creation For Client ($97 Value)
    Watch over my shoulder as I create an ad for a current client
  • Scheduling Tips
  • Budgeting Worksheet
  • Landing Pages Explained

Social Media Calendar & Template

  • Downloadable & Editable Social Media Calendar Spreadsheet ($47 Value)
    From my real business. Use this to keep track of client ad and posting schedules
  • How to Use the Social Media Calendar Template

I Keep My Facebook Advertising Clients Month After Month...

New To Offline Or Experienced...We Help You Get RESULTS

There's a reason why our training business has grown so much over the last year; Results.

Whether you're just starting out or established and already working with local businesses, ANYONE can get better results, faster results and easier results.

And, to make absolutely sure you get results, we've laid everything out in easy to follow video training. Plus you get access to me via email if you have any questions.


A Message from the Owner

Aloha! My name is Sharon Gutierrez, owner of Shar'Enterprise, a six-figure social media agency based in Oahu Hawaii. My company provides Facebook Advertising services to local businesses here and on the mainland.
Our services are in high demand and I'm able to enjoy a pretty sweet lifestyle here in paradise. BUT before you get jealous, let me share a secret with you.... I Had A Rocky Start To Say The Least...
When I first started I tried providing a variety of marketing services but with little success. Most prospects seemed rather uninterested and I started to question my own confidence.

A good friend asked if I could help her fledgling business with Facebook advertising. I didn't know ANYTHING about Facebook to help grow a business...all I knew was FB kept reminding me about my friend's upcoming birthdays! I was embarrassed to be honest, But I reluctantly agreed to help her.

After serious study and lots of trial and error testing, I started delivering results quickly for her local business...the speed even surprised me.

She was so happy, she started telling other business owners she knew to contact me about their Facebook Advertising.

Now three short years later I have a team and bring in $11,235.00 each month providing this valuable service to local businesses. This is a serious business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't Facebook Ads Expensive?
While it's true the days of penny clicks are gone. Facebook still delivers the best bang for a clients dollar. Its about ROI not cost anyway.  Inside the training I show you how to do everything on the clients dime have them seeing a great return!

Is this complicated?
Absolutely not. (I hate complicated stuff) I've been streamlining this process for over 3 years and hundreds of clients. ANYONE can do this.

Does This Take A Lot of time?
No, and thats what so surprising! You'll be a believer when you use our "Quick Ad SetUp Technique", this takes almost no time to manage.

Will competition kill this?
No Way. There are over 40 million small business pages on Facebook. Thats enough opportunity to make your competition like grains of sand on the worlds biggest beach. Facebook isn't going anywhere...we see this this working for years.

Has this worked for others?
We've already had a few early testers, all getting positive feedback from clients, including return calls and appointments, and signing clients. Our own success bears noting as well. Without the Blueprint you'll be getting, we still have cracked $10K a month and are going higher.

If It's so Good Why Don't you charge more?
Simple... I actually make my earnings from Local Clients, not from product launches and you. (this is the first launch I've ever done) I can afford to give you a good deal.

Can’t wait for Sharon Gutierrez’s course to come out on the 2nd. If her free tips were this good, I can’t wait to see what the paid info brings. Thanks Sharron, Nick, and Tom. Glad to be part of this group.
— Bob Eccles
Great info Sharon and Tom, some awesome tips on local biz marketing... looking forward to more of these down the road.
— Daryl Austman
Wow Guys! This is excellent! I have more than a few of your courses. This is freaking awesome!
— Duane Mangalindan
I’m impressed with your Sharks Group, Your Marketing, Your Support, and Training Content. You’ve done well, my friends.
— Carl Gelfrik

My "No Worries" Guarantee


Use Down & Dirty Facebook Advertising as I show you for 30 days. Really take action! If you show me that you gave it a fair shot and didn't get any results, I will happily refund your money!

Bottom line is this works 100% if you take action! If you're the type of person who just wants to see what the new shiny object is and then immediately ask for a refund, please don't buy and save us both the hassle.

I'm here to HELP YOU. If you have any questions please send me an email and I will do my best to help you!