Sharon Gutierrez's 90-Day Mentorship Program: 
Get Your [marketing] Sh*t Together!

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Small Business Owners, You Are Not Alone! 


When I started my agency, Shar'Enterprise, I was working as the Marketing Director for a local nonprofit and doing consulting for small business owners... possibly people very similar to you.  

Over the years my agency has grown, offering top-tier SEO, PPC and marketing services and I wouldn't change a thing. I had to start turning down small businesses because my target market had changed based on what I knew I could do to provide big results. But, at the end of the day, my heart still connects with the small business owner. 

THATS WHY I created the Get Your Sh*t Together Program. My days are incredibly full running my agency, but I would like to take the time to work with 10 small business owners to provide guidance, tools, and insider resources to move their businesses forward. 

You are here on this page because somehow we connected, and you are actively wanting to get your business and marketing shit together... and know I can help!

There aren't a million upsells, webinars, etc. This is just me doing what I do best: taking all the fluffy bullshit out of marketing and getting Down & Dirty with what you need to do move yourself forward. Running a business is no joke! I’m not just talking about business coaching – I want to offer you marketing plans, proven strategies and practical guidance from someone who’s been there and knows your business. If you’re looking for branding advice, need to define a target audience or maybe just finding a direction for your company’s future, you’ll find it through this program. 

This may be a good fit if... 

  • You feel a connection with me. Either in person or online. You like the way I do business and are inspired by my drive.

  • You love your business. If you hate what you are doing, don't do it.

  • You need action steps. You have some pieces but can't put them together.

  • If you are just getting started and need to work on your marketing action plan.

  • You are overwhelmed by social media. Don't know what to post where for the most impact?

  • You don't know your target market or it is way too broad. Did you know you can target people online with information like 'purchases online' or 'has a high credit limit'?

Does any of that sound like you? LET’S TRY THIS OUT!


What Are Some of My Areas of Expertise? 

"Jack of All Trades, Master Of None" is definitely a saying that reminds me to be true to who I am. I don't want to fill up my life with BS I am not really good at, so I stay in my arena and just get better and better. 

  • I've won awards for launching my Down & Dirty Facebook Ads Course to internet marketers and agency owners.

  • I've taught dozens of workshops in multiple states on marketing: Social Media 101, Marketing, Down & Dirty Networking, Down & Dirty Marketing Plan, etc.

  • Planned dozens of profitable events, from fundraisers to educational workshops, and more.

  • Created a digital marketing agency

  • Co-founded a networking discussion group

  • Helped hundreds of business owners get clarity, strategy and helped outline the steps they needed to kick ass!

Why 90 Days? 

Many testimonials come from just one strategy session with me, but if we want to build out a marketing plan for real, it's going to take some time. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was your business. Each week, we are going to tackle a topic and dig deep.

Course Outline:  

  1. Declutter Your Life! (The 10x10 Method)

  2. Goal Setting (Guest Speaker)

  3. Know What You Are Selling: Value Differentiation

  4. Branding + Style Sheet (Guest)

  5. Intro to Marketing Plan

  6. Target Market

  7. — Audits— Let's look at what you got!

  8. Marketing Plan Part I

  9. Marketing Plan Part II

  10. Confidence (Guest) + Networking

  11. Marketing Plan Part III

  12. Goal Review

  13. Testimonials — Give & Receive With Automation

Marketing Is Constantly Changing... 

Today's digital world is confusing and loud... there are a lot of voices, and knowing what you need to do to differentiate yourself is key. On the flip side, business is business and there are a lot of mindset tricks that I want to work on with you. 

But People Stay The Same.

Understanding that this program is built not only on marketing, but how to run a business, people and relationships is key. I believe there is a holistic approach to being successful and we miss out on that.  That's why we are going to tackle this together, and here's how... 


Inside 90 Days To Get Your Shit Together:


Monthly Strategy Calls With Me.

  • Three 1-on-1 monthly strategy calls with me.

  • We'll go over your homework, strategize, train and answer questions.

  • Depending on where you are in your business, we will be working through your own marketing plan during this time.

  • Topics can include: Mindset, Networking, Marketing, etc.


Weekly Homework Modules

  • Delivered right to your email. No logins needed.

  • These include topics like: Declutter Your Life, Social Media Optimization, etc.

  • Self-paced video tutorials.

  • Plan for 2 hours a week to work on your business.


Bonus Trainings & Templates

  • Various email templates, worksheets, will be offered throughout the course

  • Interviews with experts in their fields will take place in our Facebook Group


Social Media Calendar & Template

  • Downloadable & Editable Social Media Calendar Spreadsheet
    Used in my agency, use this to keep track of client ad and posting schedules

  • How to Use the Social Media Calendar Template to fit your needs

Capacity is very limited, so reserve your spot today! 

1. Sign Up and get your first lesson immediately! 

2. Pay $299 per month, for 3 months. 

3. Check your email and then schedule your first strategy call with Sharon! 

Limited Space Available:

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A Message from the Owner

Aloha! My name is Sharon Gutierrez, owner of Shar'Enterprise, a six-figure social media agency based in Oahu, Hawaii. My company provides businesses with consulting and branding work, social media management, AdWords management, SEO and a lot more!

The thing that drives me, is getting to make things and businesses look 'beautiful' through marketing. I love organizing things, and creating a succinct strategy!

My 'grit' and determination come from being a Latina who refuses to continue cycles of poverty and social expectations, but instead to create a passion fueled business that changes lives.

Your business is your passion, and I get to help tell your story.

It took me a long time to realize that being able to understand businesses and marketing was a gift that came naturally to me, and not everyone could see the pieces the way I could.

I would love to work with you for the next 90 days, and let's get our Sh*t together!



Marketing Your Small Business
Small Business Marketing
Small Business Marketing
Can’t wait for Sharon Gutierrez’s course to come out on the 2nd. If her free tips were this good, I can’t wait to see what the paid info brings. Thanks Sharron, Nick, and Tom. Glad to be part of this group.
— Bob Eccles
Great info Sharon and Tom, some awesome tips on local biz marketing... looking forward to more of these down the road.
— Daryl Austman
Wow Guys! This is excellent! I have more than a few of your courses. This is freaking awesome!
— Duane Mangalindan
I’m impressed with your Sharks Group, Your Marketing, Your Support, and Training Content. You’ve done well, my friends.
— Carl Gelfrik

FAQ: Will we get 1-on-1 time? Yes! We have an hour long strategy call every month!

Why is this course priced so low? This is the first time putting together all the elements in a group setting. Marketing plans usually are $1,500+ and include 3 sessions with me as well. Future pricing will be $399 per month.

How much work will this take? The homework will be 20 min to an hour long training. You'll need to put in about an hour or more of work. You really will get what you put in. 

What If Something Comes Up and I Cannot Finish The 90 Days? You can get caught up if you miss a week or two, but I am asking that you commit to me and the program because I am committing to you. That being said, you will always have the lessons (emails) to watch and work on anytime!

What do I end up with? Confidence, clarity, a beautiful brand, new friends, a marketing action plan, and some serious technical know-how.