Down & Dirty Networking: A Practical Step-by-Step Program To Building Your Offline & Online Network

How to Manifest Your Life
“You are setting your self apart because you KNOW what you want, and are ready to go after it TODAY.”
— Me, To You

We are going to do this together!!

Are you an introvert? Tired of wasting time at networking events? Tired of trolling Facebook groups but never make a sale? Don’t even know where to start? What about this…

You are ready to make more money! You know your business, you know what you sell… but need to make things happen!

I’ve Grown Not One, But Two Businesses Using A Mix Of Offline And Online Networking… And Over The Next 6 Weeks I Am Going To Show You Exactly How I Do It, Step-By-Step!

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You may not know my story… but about 6 years ago I was working full time as a marketing director at a nonprofit. I attended my very first networking event and hated it.

“I will never live the kind of life where I need to do THAT!” that was how I felt about networking.

Little did I know, over the next several years I would take my knack for people along with creating systems that would allow me to make the best use of my time and build TWO 6-figure businesses. INTERNATIONALLY….

Not to brag, but here are some of the things I’ve done…

  1. International Speaker

  2. Featured in Honolulu Business Magazine as a “Superwoman!”

  3. Built a Location Independent Business… twice.

  4. Won awards for my first course, Down & Dirty Facebook Ads

  5. Built a marketing agency that has worked with clients all over the US

  6. Created a 6-figure business from a BLOG

  7. Worked with hundreds of small business owners to level up their business through mentorship, digital courses, agency work, trainings and motivational speaking

This 6-Week Program is perfect for you if: 

  • You WANT to work on your business, NOW

  • You know you need to ‘network’ but don’t know where to start… OR

  • You network all the time, but feel like it’s a waste of time

  • You are sick of working so damn hard

  • “Working A Room” sounds like hell

  • You want not only an amazing business, but an amazing LIFE!

Down & Dirty Networking Topics Include: 

💎 What is networking anyways? 

💎 How To Strategize & NOT Waste Time

💎 Where To Go & How Often?

💎 How To Work A Room — FAST

💎 How To Avoid “Networking” Burnout

💎 Confidence Hacks For Feeling Like A BOSS

💎 Social Media Set Up: Get Ready To Take That Network ONLINE

💎 NO Card Pile Up: How To Follow Up (99% of people just don’t!)

💎 Give Value Before The Sale

💎 The Network That Keeps Giving (*Guest Speaker)

💎 How To Monetize Your Network(*Guest Speaker)

💎 Why Does Stopping = Sabotage

💎 Making Sh*t Happen, The Wrap Up

That’s it. Are you in, or out? If this feels right to you, and LEVELING UP in 2019 is in your cards, then sign up TODAY!

What happens NOW? 

  • Sign Up For 1 payment of $297 or 3 payments of $99

  • Check your email and join the Facebook Group

  • Pre-Work will be delivered the day you sign up.

  • Each Monday you will receive the next lesson.

  • What To Expect: Short 30 minute lessons, delivered directly to your inbox every MONDAY, which you will get to keep and refer back to forever.

PS: A Personal Note From Sharon:

This is real. This isn’t get rich quick… but this will hands down be one of the most powerful programs I’ve put out… this is not about how I run my business, it’s about how I get my money. It isn’t sales techniques, though some of that is included naturally, but it’s about showing up, being strategic, not wasting time with the wrong people… but attracting your ideal clients. It’s taken me 6 years to perfect this, so save yourself some time and sign up!

My promise to you? I’ll show up and give you everything I got for the next 6 weeks… if you would rather experience working with me 1-on-1, check out my very limited space Activation Program. There is an application process, but if you feel like we might be able to conquer the world together… let me know.

💋 Besos, Sharon