What is "Website Maintenance" Anyways?!

#5. Expensive Help When In Need: As an agency, if you are our maintenance client and when things do go wrong you are queued up in our system and we are ready to fix it. If not, getting all the login info, learning and troubleshooting the site and the many many hours it takes to get it up and running again not only come at a higher billable rate (most companies it’s $100+ an hour) but also can cost you in terms of not having your site online.

My Super Sexy Work Batching System

Lord help me, I need to cross things off the list. I have my daily list going constantly, tasks from emails I read, etc all go here. At the end of the day I delegate or dump them back into my project management software. If you don’t use software, at the end of the day start a clean list for the next day…