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Review of the “Certified Networker” Course by the Referral Institute

Review of the “Certified Networker” Course by the Referral Institute

If there is one thing I’ve learned lately is that investing in yourself, your skill set and being a life long learner can really pay off.

This doesn’t mean that signing up for 10 paid coaching programs, 17 networking worships and 30 free webinars are going to best for you. First you have to decide what’s important to you, and what you are willing, or able, to pay. The concept “You get what you pay for” rings true for many education programs.

Me and Charlie, of  Route 99 Hawaii , taking a break from the course! (Follow me on  Instagram Here! )

Me and Charlie, of Route 99 Hawaii, taking a break from the course! (Follow me on Instagram Here!)

Last weekend I spent 20 hours in two days going through the Certified Networker course by the Referral Institute. Our instructor was Lynn Howard and holy shit, it was amazing. I network a fair amount (ok, a lot) and really see value in relationships.  When I signed up for this course I was hoping to gain a new set of tools in managing relationships and encouraging profitability. Little did I know that most of the course was focused on your business foundation and YOU! 

I run my businesses because:

  • I’m good at it.

  • It’s profitable.

  • I actually enjoy marketing, blogging and working.

 I work with a ton of different types of businesses, but never in my life had I thought about WHY I, Sharon Gutierrez, operate the way I do on a more emotional level and how that transcends into my business. Lynn (we’re on a first name basis after 20 hours together), was a fanatic instructor that made the workbook (provided with tuition) flow flawlessly. By the end of the first day I had dug deeper into my business than I even thought possible; started to feel a renewed passion and fulfilled direction; and started building my tool belt of how to continue forward in success. 

Day two was equally valuable as I learned several techniques for evaluating my network and referral partners (a concept I’m familiar with since I am a member of BNI) and mapping out how to spend my time. That’s the kicker right? Time is important and our most valuable commodity. We don’t get it back, and if I can be more efficient, give it to me baby! 

The Referral Institute offers two different formats:

 Intensive: Two ten hour days spent with a group no more than 10 going through what is normally done in 12 weeks.

Pros: Great for people like me that are very disciplined and will make time to go back through the book more fully on my own time.

Cons: Not great for those who can’t handle massive amounts of information, need time to process and prefer to be ‘done’ with the course when it’s over and don’t want to go back over it intensely alone. 

12 Week: The second way you can take a class is to go once a week for 3 hours, again with a group no more than 12, working through the book together with homework most days. When you are done you going to have mission statements, value statements, target markets, a carefully mapped out network of your contacts and every tool you need to continue forward as a business owner or professional who actively networks. 

Cost, 2 Day Intensive: $1,499

Takeaway: I would highly recommend this course for a slightly more experienced networker. If you are just starting out this may be a little overwhelming. I loved the intensive but I can definitely see that different styles of learners would prefer one way over the other. 

What am I doing with all this new information? I am working with a few people from my session with accountability to continue to work together, finish the course material and implement new tools together. 

All in all, even if it’s not this course, take a moment and think about the skills you need hone in on (marketing, technical, grammar, bookkeeping, selling, etc.) and move forward and educate yourself. You’ll be all the better for it… if you don’t know where to start, ask the group on FB and maybe as a group we can recommend some courses.  


Sharon Gutierrez, Entrepreneur

For more info go to www.referralinsistutehi.com 

***I am in no way compensated for this post. I just want to share what works for me and might work for you!***

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