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How To Tell If Someone Is Truly Organized

How To Tell If Someone Is Truly Organized

Hey Girl Hey, 

There are times in our lives when we have to depend on people (true story). More often than not, we need them to be organized and not just the canned "I am dependable, organized and a team player" kind of organized, but in the way that life throws constant shit at you and they can keep the fort handled kind of organized. (You can tell I am interviewing, can't you?) 

Here are 4 ways I can tell if someone is organized. 

1. They Are On Time: Believe it or not, punctuality can not only be a sign of attitude or laziness, but also poor organization. You can usually tell whether a person is rushing in or not versus arrogantly walking in the door like they personally own time. You are late  - no go. 

2. They Never Cancel Last Minute: There have been more than a handful of times that people have cancelled either 10 minutes before or five minutes after our meeting was supposed to start. To me, short of not showing up at all with no word, it's completely disrespectful and a no go. You probably knew  you were not going to show up at least an hour before. Better yet, 24 hours. Seriously, this is a giant no. 

3. They Take Notes: When someone is talking to you and they say they are going to do 3 different things: bring that book to next week's meeting, do an email introduction to someone, and purchase cookies from your kid's bake sale, but they don't write it down... they are either A) superhuman or B) not going to remember or follow through with those three things. Maybe 1, or 2, but not all 3. 

4. They Have A Calendar On Them Right Now: What organized person doesn't keep a pen and paper handy? Or have their calendar on their phone ready to go? Maybe they are super amazing and have it all synced on a tablet... If your fabulous interviewee or friend or whatever doesn't have a calendar on them, they don't get an A+ on the Organized Test. 

How do I keep organized? Google Calendar, which my staff can edit,  Asana for project management, and I use the ever faithful pen and paper or Evernote to take client notes.

Am I 100% organized? Nah, no one is, but I pride myself on at least attempting to keep my shit together and look fabulous doing it! 


~~~Sharon Gutierrez


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