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Stop Acting Desperate About Business 

Stop Acting Desperate About Business 

Good Morning Love, 

Did you know that stressing about too many bills and not enough business will leave you with just that? Too many bills and not enough business.

In the past year I have seen exponential growth in business, and while there are several secrets to success, one of them is an abundance mindset. 

A few months ago I walked into a networking group that had a strict policy regarding one member per business category. There was already a marketing agency and so I introduced myself and said I would skip doing the commercial since we had overlap in services and he responded, "No, go ahead, talk about your business! There's always enough to go around!" and that was the beginning of an amazing partnership with Tom & Nick with Offline Sharks. 

We met a few weeks later, I felt compelled to reach out since I was so impressed with his mentality and found out he specializes in producing online products, and I had created some but was unable to execute alone and Down & Dirty Facebook Advertising was born. 

Last week we launched for 5 days, sold hundreds of courses, and are in talks to start planning out next collaboration in the near future. 

None of this would have happened if neither of us were open, recognizing that this isn't a zero sum game. I am so incredibly thankful that for the opportunities that come to those who are open, and I really do believe that this can resonate in so many areas in life, not just business but the act of realizing that is enough to go around and giving freely comes with its own rewards, even if it isn't immediately recognized. 

Real talk, think about the opportunities you might have missed if you had simply seen a competitor as a competitor, and not a potential collaborator. 

My challenge to you is to open up your mind, stop acting like there isn't enough to go around, give freely and see what follows! 

PS Check out Offline Sharks here, these guys are amazing and making moves on Maui. #Hilife

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