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Balancing Act of a Boss Lady

Balancing Act of a Boss Lady

“Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.”
— Denis Waitley

You know what, sometimes life can feel like a big ol’ shit show. Some weeks are amazing, some seem to be fire after fire, others you can deal with issues that leave you reeling and pondering the meaning of it all. This last week was all three. I successfully launched my first every online course (and won Warrior+ Deal Of The Day for the nerds out there), my agency was rocky this week due to some systems needing to be put into place and I had a medical issue come up that knocked me on my ass for two days. I’m supposed to be resting, but I need to prep for my week. 

I am a list person, you might already know that… but this week I am taking a trick taught to me by Keaola (thanks homie!) and breaking down my biggest goals into four actionable steps. Anything outside of that isn’t really propelling me forward. I’ll let you in on my diary moment here:

#1. Health. I’ve been working on this since December, but I am renewing my commitment for this week. 

  • Running 3x a week 
  • Continue with meal plan program (starting another 6 Week Challenge w/Jade!) 
  • Drink a shit ton of water

#2. Happiness

  • Put beach time in schedule (I’m in Hawaii and I literally never make to the beach)
  • Go look at shoes 
  • Sephora makeover 
  • Blogging (Yes, this makes me happy!) 

#3. Love / Friendships + Relationships

  • Meditate daily 
  • Take someone special on a ‘date’ 
  • Feng Shui my room — I read an article somewhere about opening up space in your home for love. Is that a thing? 
  • Tell 1 friend I love them 

#4. Money

  • Finish tax stuff 
  • Finish on boarding with newly hired Suite Possibilities
  • Clean House / New Systems 
  • Confirm financial plans are on track 

#5. Business

  • Referral Partners / Branding Work 
  • New Business 
  • Start looking for executive assistant 
  • Meet with business consultant 

See, that’s my life. Open book! 

I show you because I had the concept of “busyness” but it is so easy to fall into that trap. I’ve been stuck there on and off, and as soon as I recognize I have to throw down and get my shit in order. This week I’m challenging you to do the same, what are your big goals and how can you make momentum happen this week? 

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