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mōˈmen(t)əm,məˈmen(t)əm/  -  noun

    the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity.
  2. the impetus gained by a moving object.

Here is the thing about momentum and business:
You are either always fucking chasing it, or it is chasing you. 


How does one gain momentum in business? Well, you do a lot lot lot of small actions that move you forward, paired with a couple of big actions and then you keep doing that while it builds and builds and then BAM! One day, you wake up and business is booming. Here is the bitch part though, that is when people get LAZY! They are busy with customers and clients and they slow down doing all of those little actions that helped propel them forward but, because every action has a delayed reaction, 3 months or 6 months or even 1 year down the line, there are crickets and people wondered where business went. 


  1. You join a weekly networking group. You are active for 9 months, get so much business you can’t make the meetings anymore but you are all friends right? Business will keep coming, right? Nope. The moment a new face in your business shows up, your leads stop. You are never too busy for anything, you are prioritizing what you are busy for. You’ve lost your momentum.  
  2. You are working on social media. You are getting more and more followers, which start turning into subscribers and then customers and it’s so exciting! This is what you were made for! You love it and get so focused on making widgets (or online courses) that you forget to nurture that social media following and then people start following the new guy who shows up on the daily. You’ve lost your momentum. 
  3. You are on a diet. You eat mini meals, based on protein, your timer goes off every few hours, you post your workouts and bam — your ass is looking FINE. Then you snooze that timer, forget a meal, or two or three, skip the workout because your jeans already fit and then next thing you know, that 10 pounds is back on. You lost your momentum. 
  4. You own a busy business, you are starting to think about investing into marketing (this is a common story with potential clients at my agency). Then you get slammed! I inevitably get the call “I want to get started, but we are just so busy we can’t handle any more!” and then, 6 months later, when the boom is over… they need leads. They want results TODAY but I cannot guarantee anyone results today, with most things, it takes time. 3 to 6 months… see how that works? What we did last year could pay off today but since we waited now we have to suffer the down time. 

See, I have either experienced or watched other people experience these types of loss of momentum. Today, at this moment, my poor website guy is trying to nail me down for website content and it keeps getting pushed because I’m busy with clients… but guess what, I need to suck it up and make it happen because the efforts I put in today, will feed me and my staff 6 months down the road. 

The moral of the story? Don’t stop because the results always come with consistency… and when you are at your peak, and things are going well, invest into yourself now. 

I gotta go get this damn website done because understanding this concept is what kept propelling me forward, month after month, instead of hitting the slow seasons like I did last year. 

How are you gonna keep your momentum going? 

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