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ONE Click Rule

ONE Click Rule


If this can be your #1 rule in social media, it’s this… please please please make it easy to do what you are asking!

I’ll forgo the rant, because Lord knows it’s a pet peeve, and instead list examples so you can keep these in mind:

  • Podcast: You want me me listen? Share a link. Don’t make me Google it or go to your site and then find it.

  • Like Your Business Page? Don’t screen shot the page. Link it. Same goes for Instagram.

  • Want A Review: Create a link to the Yelp/Facebook/Google My Business where you want the review -- yes, you can make the link to the review portion.  

  • Vote: You want a vote for a contest? Link it!

  • Purchase: Do you want me to buy a product, course, or book  from you……. You guessed it, LINK it!

Believe it or not, but I am not the most impatient person in the world, I am just here to vocalize it. You will lose SO much opportunity by not making it easy for someone to take action and support you!

Love you and kill it this week!

Besos, Sharon

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