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7 Tips on How to Pack Like a Boss A** Lady

7 Tips on How to Pack Like a Boss A** Lady

I truly believe traveling is a huge and fulfilling part of life! How can I understand the world around me if I have no outside perspective? THAT being said, I am a total girl when it comes to needing to look fabulous while traveling. BUT everyone is always surprised when I bring one under packed medium-sized bag and a small wheeled carry-on. 

Here, my dear, are the 7 tips on how I pull this shit off! 

1. Use Evernote or some other note taking app to make your list. Make your list the day before you pack as you go through your morning and evening routines. Example: I wash my face, use toner, and moisturizer and these three things go on the list. In the shower, I use shampoo, body wash, loofah, conditioner, etc. and these things also go on the list. Now why is a cloud based note taking app better than your list on printed paper? Because trip to trip your life will change, as will your list (i.e. sometimes you are using extra medications or less facial maintaining supplies and you can adjust accordingly).

2. Add a checkmark box before each item in your list. If you add a check box before your item, you can simply check off as you pack. You just uncheck everything before you start packing for the next trip. 

3. Do laundry the day before you pack to ensure that you have all of your favorite pieces clean and ready to go! Chances are, the leggings you wore yesterday are your favorites, so get them clean so you can pack.

4. Lay it all out. I never ever put things in my bag until I have most of my “stuff” laid out. I have my big bag, little bag, and purse all emptied out. All of my items that go into each bag is arranged in front of it. Laptop, cord, work files, jewelry, and makeup go in my carry-on. Toiletries, clothes, and too many shoes go into my big bag. My wallet, sunglasses, and passport go into my purse. The list goes on and on. You can easily double check that each item is “packed”. 

5. Lay the clothes out. This is a no brainer, but most people pack one outfit at a time. Here is my dress, with shoes, sweater, my shorts, and t-shirt, etc. I start with my pants, short skirts, and work my way up, then down. I do this because I wear a ridiculous amount of black (I’ve embraced it fully now, I used to fight it). So I can lay out my three favorite pants, one pair of shorts, and two skirts and then can build up and dress down a million different ways. Next I pick out the amount of shirts I will need for the amount of days and then throw in 3 - 4 extras. I will also add a couple of dresses if appropriate. So for a 10 day trip: I will have 4 - 5 bottoms; 10 - 14 shirts; 2 dresses; 2 sweaters; jackets; and then add 4 - 5 pairs of shoes to complete each outfit. Oh yes, and then don’t forget your panties…make sure you have the right underwear for each outfit. Do you need a racer back bra and a pair of spanx to make two looks work, pack it! 

6. Shower before you go. Do this and then pack up each item as I use it to make sure I don’t forget any steps. 

7. Extra tip - Use a scarf to pack your extra makeup and jewelry. For your jewelry, lay out necklaces, earrings, etc. on a scarf.  Place all necklaces parallel to each other and then roll the scarf up. This helps shit not get tangled up. For makeup, the same thing…I have my basic makeup bag in my purse. However, because I LOVE makeup I bring a ton of other stuff, throw it in the middle of a scarf and then tie up the ends for a little pouch. Now you can just open it up on the dresser, pick out what you want, and then throw it back into your bag. So much fun, I love it. 

So I just wrapped up my 10 day trip from San Diego, so all tips are fresh in my mind. I did lie though…I end up with like 10 shoes and wore only 3. It’s how I roll, I can’t help it! 

Last thing, thinking your cute packing 5 bags for a 2 day trip…isn’t cute! It’s obnoxious and all of the bags don’t like traveling with you. Plus you are just throwing away money for stuff you don’t need. This was me 13 years ago, so I can say that. 

So be cute, be efficient, and look like a badass while traveling! 

Safe travels you beautiful thing you, 


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