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Time Management

Time Management

I recently took a trip back to Hawai’i, a place that still has my heart and is still considered home. It was a packed full, and it left me emotionally and physically exhausted. There were multiple lessons learned and I think it could really help to avoid some of these mistakes:



"This was taken in 2014. 
My sister and I were exploring Hawaii. We had no idea what the future would hold."



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  1. Don’t Overpack Your Schedule: I got off the plane and walked into my first meeting. I then had back to back appointments for 7 days, never catching up from the flight and 48 hours of lack of sleep. Being tired quickly diminishes productivity.

  2. Spend Time With Those Who Energize You: I actually did this right, I spent some key time with those whom I genuinely love and enjoy. Those who are negative, time sucking vampires or not profitable didn’t get time in my schedule. Time is precious and having multiple ‘appointments’ with my key friends kept me going.

  3. Watch Out For Triggers: Traveling to a place with a lot of memories rooted or emotional triggers can be more daunting than the packed schedule. I broke down and bought a pack of cigarettes first stop on the trip, and while the pack lasted me a week and I left that habit in the 808, I realized that it was a big coping mechanisms for stress and one I should have left tabled.

  4. Take Time To Rest And Follow Up: While rest is key, so is following up with prospects and keeping up with proposals. I did take one afternoon and blow through a few hundred emails, I should have set aside more than 1 day in the week to stay on top of things.

  5. Communicate With Your Team: My poor team didn’t hear much from me for 7 days, which is no good. Upon arrival back at the home base, the discussion was based on how to better prepare and organize time spent together beforehand so we could avoid an endless stream of texts on keeping the ship running forward.

  6. Be Present: I’m sorry, but when I have the aforementioned texts coming in, the emotional triggers and exhaustion setting in, being present is hard as fuck. It’s hard just in day to day, so making the decision to be present for each meeting and interaction is really key in success. Success is driven by genuine relationships, and people can tell when you are distracted. Make the decision, turn off the phone/email notifications and settle in for 50 minutes of relationship building.

  7. Count Your Successes: It wasn’t until the last day when a really good friend of mine reminded me of how far we’ve come in the last year. Some really key goals that are literally life changing, had been accomplished. The key of this was to break the cycle, and congrats to me -- I made it to 31 with no kids, supported fully by my business (plus supporting numerous other families) and have created a life in which I could travel and do business on the beach. It’s amazing how that goes by without recognition!

  8. Be Open To Lessons: Perhaps the hardest and best conversations involved loved ones calling me out on just focusing on being good versus great. I left some on the table, I was spending time over the last few months working harder but not smarter. While it was a huge blow to the ego, on the plane ride home I took the time to process and recommit to greatness.

So so so blessed to have all these people in my life! It was so good to be all in one place, hear about everyone’s goals and projects and remember how far we’ve come!

I love traveling because I genuinely believe that new places inspire us -- and sometimes the visits ‘home’ can be just as awe-inspiring but also draining. We choose how we spend our time, we choose who we let into our lives and I am so damn thankful for those that genuinely love me and get me fired up again!


Here is to greatness, my love, because I know we BOTH have it in us!

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