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Single On Valentines Day? Don’t Be A Hot Mess!

Single On Valentines Day? Don’t Be A Hot Mess!

I am a total romantic at heart. Totally in love with romantic gestures and all that.

I know, I know… Valentine's Day is over hyped, over commercialized and you should be ‘showing your love everyday’ but whatever, I love the idea of setting aside some time and being extra romantic and thoughtful. It doesn’t have to be cheesy/cheap chocolates, but a romantic card expressing sentiments we don’t express often enough.


When you are single though… it kinda sucks. This year I felt myself spiraling into the self-pity I’m-single-all-alone-no-one-will-want-me-because-I’m-not-wifey-material pit and it was ugly. So here are four things I did to pick my ass back up:


  1. Ordered Flowers For Some Girlfriends. Bitches love flowers. I kill anything living but my little heart lights up at the gesture. It made me feel good to know that I’ll be putting a smile on someone’s face.

  2. Connect. I reached out to 5 people I hadn’t talked too in a while, just to let them know I love and appreciate them.

  3. Wrote A Note: bitches also love notes. I took the time to write a note with 10 things I appreciated about my friend. Made it personal and while I haven’t given it yet, I think it’ll make an impact.

  4. Treat Yo’self! I am going to get a tattoo I’ve been wanting, because if I had a partner, he or she would know that would be a ideal gift! Bonus points, also got a massage! I have a great life, great job and I don’t treat myself enough! Why would I wait for someone else to do it?

Life doesn’t start when you are in romantic love, relations can come and go… but love for myself, well… that’s here to stay. I love me and I love where my life is at and maybe next year I’ll have a Valentine, but it’s cool if I don’t either.

I love YOU and would love to know if you did anything extra special for someone this year. Message me!

Besos, Sharon




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