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My Super Sexy Work Batching System

Lord help me, I need to cross things off the list. I have my daily list going constantly, tasks from emails I read, etc all go here. At the end of the day I delegate or dump them back into my project management software. If you don’t use software, at the end of the day start a clean list for the next day…

How To Tell If Someone Is Truly Organized

There are times in our lives when we have to depend on people (true story). More often than not, we need them to be organized and not just the canned "I am dependable, organized and a team player" kind of organized, but in the way that life throws constant shit at you and they can keep the fort handled kind of organized. (You can tell I am interviewing, can't you?) 

Here are 4 ways I can tell if someone is organized. 

7 Tips on How to Pack Like a Boss A** Lady

I truly believe traveling is a huge and fulfilling part of life! How can I understand the world around me if I have no outside perspective? THAT being said, I am a total girl when it comes to needing to look fabulous while traveling. BUT everyone is always surprised when I bring one under packed medium-sized bag and a small wheeled carry-on. 

Here, my dear, are the 7 tips on how I pull this shit off! 

It's Almost 2016 You Gorgeous Thing!

The countdown is on and 2016 is barreling at us at full speed. I happen to LOVE Christmas. The lights, making my house look like a Macy’s window display and stacks of presents are a few of my favorite things. I got to open fabulous gifts like Kate Spade Travel Wallets and Givenchy earrings but before I got everything put away, I want you to do something with me, ok?