Thank you for being on the Compliments Of Sharon Facebook Live! My mission is to empower ambitious professionals and business owners to move forward in their endeavors, inspired by your stories

"Down & Dirty Business" is my tagline, so please show up real, excited and know you have a platform that can help others take action and expand their thinking! I am pretty good at leading the conversation, but here are some questions to prompt your thinking! 

How Does This Work? 

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  • Please click the link 15 minutes before to make sure your mic and camera are working properly.
  • Tech Tip: Close out all other windows and make sure there aren't too many devices on your wi-fi for the most stable connection. 
  • Most Importantly: Be ready to be present and genuine. I'm the same person live, in person, one on one or speaking in front of an audience, it's totally fine to be a little nervous, I'll keep the conversation going. :) 
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... See, I told you this was Down & Dirty!
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