A 6-Weeks of private coaching with Tech Founder, International Speaker + Marketing Coach Sharon Gutierrez.

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Success Stories:

My QSYB clients get results like this... 

  • Doubling their income during the first month!
  • A complete rebrand and finally launching a blog! 
  • Creating 4-figure coaching packages that sell! 
  • Attracting clients with ease! 
  • Using social media in a way that feels natural and easy! 
  • Mastering sales calls! 

What would your success story look like?

Cohort #3 Starting!

My 6-week coaching program will only be open 2x a year. Don't let another month go by without rapidly transforming your marketing, money and mindset! The Mastermind and the official start of coaching starts October 19th -- but sign up early and get FREE coaching until October 19th!

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Welcome to Quantum Shifting Your Business! 

This is my signature  6-week private coaching program! This is your opportunity to work one-on-one with me and:

✔️Understand revenue, profit and money making activities! 

✔️Get momentum in your business, whether you are brand new or been doing this for years! 

✔️Finally get real life marketing strategy, custom for you! 

✔️Feel confident about your offer! 

✔️Learn systems and strategies to streamline your business!

✔️Get a social media strategy based on YOUR business and YOUR clients! 

✔️Understand where to spend your marketing dollars! 

✔️Finally create that sales page! 

✔️Create your signature offer 

✔️Understand the different ways you can market your business, online and offline 

✔️Create a marketing plan! 

✔️… and get all your marketing questions answered! 


To “Quantum Shift” it mean you are rapidly shifting your reality. 

We are going to work together to rapidly change YOUR business reality! 

Mindset + Real Life Custom Strategy + Accountability = Your Quantum Shift! 

This is my life’s work! 10+ years of running a digital marketing agency. Becoming a PAID speaker. Publishing a best selling journal. Launching an app. I’ve done all the things so I can help you too! 

Quantum Shift Your Business has a 3 layered approach: Private Coaching + Weekly Trainings + Weekly Mastermind… all the details are below in the dropdown section, and honestly this is the most powerful offer I’ve ever put out! Quantum Shifting Your Business is my entire life’s work put into 6 weeks. My clients hit 10x their revenue, hit $10k, $20k, $30k months. They’ve spent months or years trying it their way, and they come to me because they trust my processes and they are able to finally feel like their business is viable, exciting and in alignment again!

Scroll through this page and see if this feels exciting to you! You’ll know if it’s meant to be… you’ll have that feeling of “finally — she gets it!” If you have questions, feel free to book a discovery call and we can see which option is a good fit for you! 


This is a rapid shift in mindset. 

This is a total transformation in your marketing. 

This is a complete unleashing of abundance and revenue. 

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Is This You...

  • You know you are capable of more but you crave direction
  • You know what you want, but are not totally sure how to get there
  • You have major goals, but don’t know how to break them into daily activities
  • Have spent countless hours and dollars on webinars and training but struggle to actually implement the pieces
  • You have sought out mentors but been disappointed
  • You find yourself spending more time researching ideas than taking action
  • You are constantly seeking some kind of guidebook or roadmap
  • You want more confidence!
  • You've hired 'marketing' experts but they couldn't fix the deeper issues

I know this version of YOU because I've been there! What I can accomplish with support and coaching in any given month is exponential compared to what I can do alone. 

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Weekly Lesson Overview:

The video lessons are a support and additional layer to the private coaching we are going to do together. Our coaching calls will be focused on the goals that we set and are custom to YOU, but it’s highly recommended to take notes during the trainings and make a list of questions for our calls!  (If you are VIP, you can Voxer me right after!) Each module will be automatically loaded in the dashboard each Wednesday! 


Pre-work that’s already loaded in so you can start manifesting today! 

  • BONUS Module #1: Mindset Shifts Increase Your Revenue NOW and How I (Accidentally) Had My First $10k Launch! 
  • BONUS Module #2: 7 Questions About Your Business — this will help you prep for our coaching so we can make the most out our 6- weeks together!  

Week 1: Quantum Shift Your Possibilities 

This week we are going to discuss how to open up and change your reality! We can have this idea of what we want, but do we have the containers to make it a reality?! From week one, this will change your entire perspective! 

  • My accidental $10k launch 
  • $27k Launches 
  • $20k Months 
  • How I created this program
  • What are your containers? 
  • How to apply this for you today! 

Week 2: A Deep Dive Into Business Strategy

This crash course on marketing, both offline and online, will help you craft each step moving forward! I’ve built business after business, of my own and my clients, and today we will go into the business basics of empires! 

  • Revenue Strategy and Planning 
  • 10 Ways To get Clients 
  • Choose the right marketing avenues for your business 
  • Selling online 
  • Passive Income: True thoughts on what this can look like for you! 

Week 3: How To Quantum Shift 

There is a specific exercise that I do to quickly change perspective. You know the people who seem to just randomly move forward in their lives? Seemingly overnight, they’ve hit huge revenue months, they’ve moved across the country, they launched a record breaking program. I’ve done this my whole life, without realizing what I am doing. I am going to share with you the exact process for making this happen! 

  • 3x I’ve realized I’ve rapidly leveled up, and didn’t realize until I was on the other side.
  • Learn what ‘quantum shifting’ means for YOU 
  • The one exercise that you are going to use DAILY over the coming weeks 
  • Living and selling, authentically 
  • Releasing old patterns and ideas to make space for new 

Week 4: Creating Content That Sells  

Getting a ‘content’ strategy is one of the things that holds up amazing business owners from seeing their truly potential! These are the strategies that worked for $27,000+ launches! 

  • What to post 
  • Where to post 
  • Three systems to make it easier: Content Pillars, Graphics, Scheduling 
  • How to sell on social media 
  • Who and when to hire help

Week 5: Crafting The Ultimate Offer! 

From website businesses to crowdfunding to insurance agents to coaches to trainers.. in order to build something bigger, you need to be able to create an offer that will sell! I’ve created dozens of amazing and wildly successful campaigns for myself and my clients. I’ll share the secrets with you, and then we can use our session to write it together. This alone? Fucking Priceless. 

  • How to package and price services in a way that scales and is alignment with your goals 
  • Outline Deliverables 
  • Write your sales page draft 

Week 6: Shifting Into Flow: Becoming The True You 

You are the driver for your business, and we can quickly lose ourselves in business without even realizing it! You built your business because you are passionate about something, this is where we uncover the lifestyle and learn how to bring our business into alignment with not only the life we want to live, but who we are and how we create. 

  • An exercise to uncover how you create so you can align your business 
  • Learning when to outsource and continue to hire 
  • Unlock the potential of the next level you

Unleash the message that is within you — whether you are a speaker, own a food truck, are a personal trainer or an insurance agent, we all have a message within us that we can share with the world through the work we already do! 

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BONUS: Two POWERFUL lessons ready NOW!

💵 Bonus #1. How to shift your revenue NOW and my accidental $10k launch (how I did it) 

💵 Bonus #2. 7 Questions About Your Business to Prep for Coaching!

I know June 23rd may feel like a long ways off, but I know you are READY! So when you sign up there are two lessons already loaded. One is focused on instantly attracting amazing things and the other is technical homework to prepare for our coaching work! 

I'm ready to start attracting more today!

What Clients Are Saying...


Quantum Shift Your Business: $3,500 

✔️ 6 weekly laser focused coaching calls with Sharon

✔️ 6 Weekly 1 Hour High Vibe Masterminds! 

✔️ 6 Transformational Lessons on business strategy + mindset

✔️ 2 Bonus Trainings (ready now!) to prep you for coaching + mindset shifts today!

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Quantum Shift Your Business VIP: $5,500

✔️ 12 weekly laser focused coaching calls with Sharon (2x the time!)

✔️ Unlimited Voice Messaging support WITH SHARON through Voxer (a voice messaging app)

✔️ Access to my entire digital course library! Courses like Facebook Ads, Social Media Secrets, $0 to $10k Coaching, etc. $3k+ value alone!

✔️ 6 Weekly 1 Hour High Vibe Masterminds! 

✔️ 6 Transformational Lessons on business strategy + mindset

✔️ 2 Bonus Trainings (ready now!) to prep you for coaching + mindset shifts today!

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Payment Plan Options

There are multiple options to sign up, you can either pay in full at a reduced rate or sign up for a payment plan. The first payment opens up your dashboard so you can start taking programs now! If you are VIP, I'll reach out and grant you access to other courses you can start on today!

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Quantum Shift Your Business: 1 Payment

$3,500.00 USD
Quantum Shift Your Business: VIP 1 Payment

$5,500.00 USD
Quantum Shift Your Business: VIP 5 Payments

5 Monthly Payments Of $1,100

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