We Won The $25,000 Community Fund!

Season #1

I recorded this episode the morning after we won the community fund through Geekdom -- which is seed funding that goes towards my app company. I shared my experience of thinking we didn't win, and then we did and how supported I felt by my peers and what it feels like to be believed in. Special shoutout to the other winner, Dewy Organics (https://www.dewyorganics.com)! Also, I mentioned Belinda from BMyVillage (https://www.bmyvillage.com/) who has created a coaching platform for teachers and finally, a special thank you to Geekdom -- The #1 Co-Working space in San Antonio! (www.Geekdom.com) ----- want more Sharon?! www.ComplimentsOfSharon.com www.QuantumShiftWithSharon.com IG: www.Instagram.com/SharonEGutierrez/ FB: www.Facebook.com/SharonEGutierrez/