This is my legacy...

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My origin story…


There are a hundred, if not a thousand, times in my life when I’ve felt alone, unseen and uninspired. This is the driver for all that I do… to provide a space and community, whether through social media, coaching or speaking, for other entrepreneurs to feel less alone on this journey.

Humble Beginnings…

I was born in Florida and raised in San Antonio until I was about 5. After that my mother fled to Alaska, with my younger siblings, after my father went to prison. There were many things that made my upbringing ‘untraditional’, but the most impactful were growing up in poverty and not attending school. I was homeschooled, but because of my mothers work schedule, was often left alone with my siblings.

There were years filled with trauma, abuse, sex and drinking. Being mixed-race and without an anchor, I never felt like I belonged anywhere and often used anything I could find to numb the loneliness. I didn’t consider myself smart in any way, or particularly good at anything. I moved to Hawai’i in 2011 and that would become the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey and the journey to finding me.

I was an entrepreneur, and I didn’t even know it…

When I was 13 my family was given a computer and instead of playing computer games, I played typing games until I could type over 100 words per minute. I started earning money transcribing college students recordings for their papers. I was 14 when I built my first website for my mothers nonprofit, and around the same age when I received a cease a desist order from an author whose book I loved. I had made a website about the book, simply because I liked it, with no concept of plagiarism or copyrights. I apologetically took it down. These were the technical skills that would be the foundation of my empire.

Fast forward to living in Hawai’i, I was working at the Marketing Director for a non-profit, which put me in rooms and on stages speaking about their mission. Through networking I was introduced to business owners and started to realize I had a marketable skillset. I could build websites and had been studying social media ads for fun. Businesses needed me!

That’s how my digital marketing agency was born. From there it seems like my entire life has been on fast forward. From growing my agency to a team of six and getting clients all over the US I drowned myself in work, still chasing numbness. It wasn’t until I started on my own journey of personal development that everything shifted. I no longer wanted to work 100 hours a week. I wanted to actually live a life I could enjoy.

The Glow Up

I began journaling, meditating, working on and completely changed my life. I started showing up in a more vulnerable way, whether on stage or on social media, and saw my life shift. This journey inspired my best-selling journal, The Manifest List, and many motivational talks.

In 2019 I closed my agency and my business it took the form it has today. It is build of three key pillars.

I inspire. I create free content bringing energy and education to entrepreneurs and individuals on their own journeys. I aim to create ‘binge worthy content’ for anyone wanting to level up and just need good energy vibes and solid advice.

I equip. For entrepreneurs in the DIY stage of their journey I created programs and courses so they can be supported and educated on business and marketing fundamentals and activities. Each course involves so much love and guidance, I really try to remember where I was at and what I would have loved to know at earlier stages in my journey.

I activate. Those who are ready to go all in, I want to partner with them as a business coach and work side-by-side with them for 6 months or a year. It’s the ultimate joy for me to go on this journey with someone!

I would love to connect with you on Instagram or Facebook. Feel free to browse around the site and see everything that I do!

Sharon Gutierrez