Sharon just came and spoke to my group of professionals. It wasn’t a normal keynote speech, but it was right on target.

Her “ask” was to spend just a few minutes speaking on how to take your online network offline...and vice versa. ...and then help lead a discussion about the topic with the other professionals in the room.

She hit it out of the park. People were so engaged that we finally had to cut them off b/c of time.

Sharon is the real deal. Authentic! Passionate! Energetic! Knowledgeable! Would recommend her every day!


Art Wood, Georgia, Fuse Networking

“Sharon Gutierrez is a true master. We connected immediately. She understands my vision and is moving at lighting speed to execute the Marketing plan. She takes the overwhelm away and breaks it down into manageable tasks. Highly recommend.”

Alison Abrams Schneider

“Sharon Gutierrez is AMAZING! I hired her company to help me with my online marketing and all social media. She and her team are extremely professional and good at letting me know items that can be changed and improved. One big project I needed help with was my sales page for my online program. She was honest in letting me know that it was difficult for her to understand what I was selling and that I needed to add more details for my customers. She then helped me rework the entire form, giving me examples of items to add, word-smithing some of my language to make it more appealing to my target audience and giving me quick feedback for a timely turnaround. Now my sales page is extremely detailed and explains more clearly what services that I’m offering in my online program. Now I have a sales page that I’m proud to display!”

Tiffiny Fambro

I started working with Sharon 3 weeks ago and WOW. The energy that has came my way in business has brought me in more than an extra $1,000 per month. Clients are rolling in, my business systems are working FOR me and I feel on FIRE. I believe it’s Sharons ability to pinpoint immediate needle movers, the energy and accountability she provides. Her coaching is also sustainable, Ive been able to free up headspace to work on the things I love. Thank you Sharon!

Ryan Brennan