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✔️ Marketing Coach ✔️ Best Selling Author of “The Manifest List” ✔️ Award-Winning Course Creator ✔️ Tech-Founder✔️ International ✔️ Motivational speaker ✔️ Podcaster


Sharon Gutierrez is the founder of the app, Pretty Simple, a high level Marketing Coach, best selling author of The Manifest List, Podcaster and international motivational Speaker.

She is a dynamic and engaging international business speaker, known for her straight-forward attitude and unique ability to break down and explain complex thoughts into actionable steps for her audience.

Sharon was raised in Alaska and put herself through college with little support, graduated with honors and then moved to Hawai'i. She quickly became the marketing director for a local nonprofit and from there, she launched a digital marketing agency that specialized in SEO, social media and small business strategies on Oahu, Maui and Big Island and then, Atlanta and Alaska.

She ran her agency for 9 years before switching to speaking + coaching full time, which gave her the time and space to launch her sales-tracking app, Pretty Simple. She is living the story of coming from poverty with no idea of what a life outside of her world could look like, to becoming a successful business owner and tech founder. Each time she steps inside, she brings your audience through that journey with not just ideas, but actionable steps to follow her lead.

Her motivational talk, “Building Empires From Nothing” discusses how being successful includes having drive, managing priorities, being resourceful, building relationships and not always blending into social norms.

Sharon aspires to ignite conversations about equality from a place of educating and inspiring.

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Some of the Stages I’ve been on…

Women Wealth Creators, Nassau, Bahamas | National Association of Realtor & Property Mangers, Honolulu | National Association of Professional Women, Honolulu | International Association of Women, Atlanta | RUSH Wahine, Honolulu | Orig Media, Honolulu | BNI Event, Emcee, Honolulu | WIN Fundraiser, Emcee, Waikiki | Fuse Networking, Atlanta |

Speaker Topics: Motivational


Building Empires From Nothing (motivational)

A high-energy keynote designed for entrepreneurs, this talk is perfect for conferences. Sharon tells her story of growing up in violence, poverty and lack of access to education to striking out on her own at 16 and proceeding to build multiple six-figure businesses. The key takeaway for the audience is to have five principles for building an empire… from nothing.

Your audience will leave feeling: energized + inspired

The Manifest List: The Daily Exercise To Change Your Life (motivational)

The Manifest List is Sharon’s best selling bullet journal that includes 70 days of tracking the following: what are 6 things you want to attract into your life, what are 20 things you are thankful for and what are 3 things you can do today to take action.

In this talk, Sharon will weave the concepts of Law of Attraction into goal setting and taking action.

Your audience will leave feeling: inspired + activated


Speaker Topics: Educational/Workshop


Down & Dirty: Marketing Plans (educational)

There are hundreds of agencies and marketers ready to sell you their services, but how do you know what are the proper avenues for your business? Sharon will break down aspects of an actionable marketing plan that you can use to go and build your business now! Sharon is known for breaking down complex ideas into easy-to-digest steps so that business owners will feel ready to take action and move their business forward.

Key Takeaways:

  • Educate on the key elements of a marketing plan

  • Understand what marketing avenues are ideal for your business

  • Identify advanced demographics of your target market

  • Audience opportunity ask beginner, intermediate and advanced marketing questions

20 Point Marketing Audit (educational)

Marketing is an overwhelming topic with so many ways to get the word out about your business. This workshop will go over a 20-point checklist that Sharon uses to evaluate the preparedness of a business to move forward with its marketing. This comprehensive checklist touches on: branding, messaging, user experience, client journey, offers and more! This workshop will inspire action for both beginner and advanced businesses. Your audience will leave feeling: informed + ready to take action.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding brand consistency

  • Evaluate short term efforts for long term results

  • A checklist of what steps to work on business next

Generating, Tracking + Closing Sales (educational)

Sharon Gutierrez is the co-founder of Pretty Simple: The #1 Affordable Leads Tracking App for Solopreneurs! Sales are vital to a businesses success. Having built a national clientele, Sharon provides an insight on sales that is unique to the small business experience. There are currently three different talks focused on sales that can match various business/audience experiences.

#1. How To Organize, Track + Close Leads!

Sales are the backbone of every business but are often neglected because people are unsure of what to do next!

  • How to manually track leads

  • The information necessary to manage leads

  • Tips for closing sales!

#2. How To Track Leads With Pretty Simple

Pretty Simple is an iOS app built for solopreneurs! This is the introduction to using Pretty Simple in the best way for your business.

  • How to add, edit and follow up with leads

  • How to evaluate the value of the lead

  • Daily sales activities

#3. Motivating Your Sales Team to Track Leads

Directed towards team leaders, this talk covers three key areas for motivating your sales team!

  • How to identify what motivates your team

  • Daily actionable steps for leaders

  • The two numbers to track for success

Offline to Offline Networking: (educational)

The key to a successful business is relationships. Whether with vendors, clients or teams being able to identify key connections and build those connections in an authentic way is everything! This workshop is perfect for entrepreneurs or professionals who rely on their network to build their careers. Sharon will share how she built an international network to grow multiple national businesses, her speaking career and integrate quickly into new cities after relocation.

Key Takeaways:

  • What type of networking events are fit for you

  • How to navigate a networking event and avoid awkward situations

  • Body language of networking

  • How to conserve energy networking as an introvert

  • Key to success in the follow-up

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