Word Of The Year: FIERCE. Plus, how I break down my annual goals.

Season #1


FIERCE is my word for the year, and that energy is ramping up each week! In today's podcast I'm breaking down my annual planning and here is the outline: 

  1. Word Of The Year: Note your word of the year, the definition and a paragraph about what it means to you! 
  2. What do you really want in life? As in, really really want, even if you are afraid to ask for it. Write about it. Make bullet points. No one else will see this, so dream big! 
  3. What is your ULTIMATE goal this year? You can choose this one after you write down #4, which is... 
  4. 2024 Goals: You can list revenue goals, action items around living your word, projects you want to complete. Try to keep it under 8, and it should all be goals you 100% know you can accomplish this year. 
  5. Vision: What is your vision for your entire life and career/business? Write a paragraph or two. 
  6. Success Formula: Do you have your success formula? Put that here. 
  7. Affirmations: What are your mantras and statements that are meaningful to you? 
  8. Bonus: Quantum Shift. I didn't really address this in the podcast, but if you've taken my Quantum Shift Your Business course, that would be here. :) 


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