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Sharon Gutierrez.

✔️ Marketing Coach ✔️ Best Selling Author of “The Manifest List” ✔️ Award-Winning Course Creator ✔️ Tech-Founder ✔️ International Motivational Speaker ✔️ Podcaster


It's time to activate your business. 

Sharon Gutierrez is a dynamic business consultant with over a decade of experience working with businesses to develop their offerings, create custom multi-channel marketing strategies and oversee implementation. From solopreneurs to multi-location franchisors, clients are drawn to Sharon's energy and style of getting things done. 

There are 3 Primary Layers Of My Empire:

Inspire: Free Content

I started from nothing. I’ve been hungry for any information that can help me move business forward and now I know that is pivotal to the growth of aspiring entrepreneurs which is why I create free content to inspire, motivate and educate you are how to begin building your own empire.

✔️ Podcast: Building Empires: Momentum in Life + Business

✔️ Facebook Group: “Building Empires”

✔️Stories: Daily behind the scenes on Facebook + Instagram

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Equip: The Tools You Need For Success

Courses + Books + Apps


The DIY Phase is beautiful… you are hungry and the definition of a ‘hustler’. The world is fast-paced, but you are more than willing to meet the challenge. Here are the tools I’ve created for you to build massive momentum in your business.

✔️ Book: The Manifest List - my #1 Best Selling Amazon Journal

✔️ Pretty Simple App: #1 Affordable Leads Tracking App For Solopreneurs (iOS) 

✔️ The Mogul Mastermind - The most powerful place to be on the internet! Monthly high value intensives, masterminds and more!

✔️ The $0 to $10k Month Coaching Program: The absolute must have course for coaches who are wanting to hit $10k months or higher!!



Activate: Work With Me Privately

Coaching For small Business + Fractional CMO 

For only the most motivated entrepreneur, working one-on-one with me will change your LIFE. I only work with a limited number of clients on-on-one, if you are ready and want my full attention and support choose the program right for you. 

✔️ Activation Program: My one-on-one coaching program working hand-in-hand with solopreneurs and small businesses for rapid growth. 

✔️ Fractional CMO: For larger teams and startups focused on traction I can step into the start up world focused on product marketing fit, prepping for funding, pitching and traction. 

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I promise...

To give you the ‘real’ talk. I won’t sugarcoat things, but instead breakdown the complexities of running a business into actionable, bite sized pieces. Together, we can build an empire.

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My Ideal Client:


You know what you what but you don’t necessarily know how to get there. You consider yourself smart, savvy and ‘intuitive.’ You know mindset is just as important as the actions you take.


There isn’t one single way to get to where you want to go… but you see what I’ve done and feel inspired by how I’ve done it. If you think there is a magic webinar that is going to scale your business, you might not be a good fit.

Passionate AF.

You love what you do. You feel excited talking about it, working in it and planning it. Your eyes light up and your soul is on FIRE. You know what you are working on s what you are called to do, even if it’s just for this phase in life.