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All the business structure you need to start or GROW your coaching business! 


Are you ready to get your coaching business off the ground?!


10 Module Intensive Program = Everything you need to build the coaching business of your dreams!



If you are a brand new coach or you are you aren't consistently hitting $5k per month, this course is for you! 

This course is the complete breakdown of how I went from running a digital marketing agency to my first $10k month in coaching in 4 months!*

100% Self-Paced, 10+ Modules PLUS contracts, content templates for sales strategies and more! 

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3 Tips To Get You Started:

If you don't know me, I want you to GET to know me and my teaching style before signing up. (I do swear occasionally so hopefully that doesn't bother you!) Here is a quick video with three things you need to get your coaching business off the ground. #1. Switching from hourly pricing. #2. Know the transformation. #3. Put the structure in place! 


10 Weeks Of Self-Paced Content:

Module 1: The Foundation

  • What does it really take to be a GOOD coach? 
  • Coaching lifestyle
  • Setting income goals 
  • Understanding your client 
  • Features versus benefits 

Module 2: Structuring Your Business For Ongoing Income 

  • All about pricing
  • Putting together packages that are right for you! 
  • Automatic payments
  • How to structure your deliverables

Module 3: Technical Set Up: Scheduling/Discovery Calls 

  • How to set up discovery calls (example using Acuity Scheduling)
  •  Questions to ask to prequalify clients
  • What happens during a discovery call 
  • How to structure a discovery call 
  • Secret sales formula 

Module 4: How To Jump Start Your First 5 Clients THIS Month!

  • The #1 tactic I've used to jump start my coaching business! 
  • What is the secret tactic 
  • How to implement the secret tactic 
  • How to market the secret tactic 
  • Tracking results of secret tactic 

Module 5: Structuring Your Client Calls + Boundaries!

  • How to manage your first clients 
  • How to set expectations 
  • The ONE vital question I ask clients during onboarding 
  • How to run coaching calls 
  • How to set expectations 
  • Resources for becoming a better coach 

Module 6: Crafting An AMAZING Sales Page!

  • A complete over-the-shoulder walkthrough of creating a sales page -- using Kajabi as an example.
  • The formula I use to close sales on a website!
  • A fill in the blank template for a sales page!  

Module 7: 10 Ways To Get Clients

  • We are FINALLY getting to social media! I am ALL about attraction marketing! 
  • Plus 9 other ways to get clients! 

Module 8: Moving Clients To Retainer

  • How to close out a client 
  • When/how/where to get testimonials for the BIGGEST leverage 
  • How to know if a client is ready for retainer 
  • How to prep the client retainer 
  • Retainer agreement and deliverables 

Module 9: The Six-Figure Mindset Secrets

  • What are the biggest mindset blocks when it comes to a coaching business!
  • How to have the foundation of personal development to maintain energy 
  • Therapy versus coaching 
  • Attracting the ideal clients 

Module 10: Decision Matrix for Growth

  • End analysis paralysis! 
  • Know when to increase prices and step your game up 
  • Know when to invest in marketing 
  • Explanation of what your next steps COULD be! 

Step-by-step instructions + your energy skillset = the business of your dreams! 

You are most likely a go-getter and making things happen, but do find yourself overwhelmed and stuck, especially on the pricing, marketing and the actual offer? There are so many programs, webinars, courses, software options and social media techniques that it's hard to know where to get started and how to pull it all together...

Here is the step-by-step of how I personally built my coaching business!

BONUS: Facebook Ads For Visibility + Momentum For FREE! ($349 Value)

This course is a complete step-by-step of how I've build ads for dozens if not hundreds of businesses! This is a completely updated version of my Down & Dirty Facebook Ads -- an award winning course! 

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Why am I qualified to go on this journey with you?

Well... starting from nothing, I’ve built not one but two successful businesses while creating a lifestyle important to me.

In the course of building my agency, not only did I set up my own business for success, but worked with a LOT of different businesses in multiple areas. Marketing is my main thing but consulting in other arenas are just as important. What good is people coming to you if you can’t deliver?


Some of my accomplishments: 

- Tech Founder: Of the leads tracker app, Pretty Simple 

- International Motivational Speaker 

- Best selling Author of The Manifest List

- First generation College student (with honors!)

- Marketing Director of a multi million dollar nonprofit 

- Throwing 300+ attendee events

- Founded and ran a digital marketing agency for 8+ years 

- BNI director in multiple states

- Radio show! 

- Produced + Launched Award Winning Courses! 

- Featured as "Super Woman" in Honolulu Business Magazine 

- Coaching clients from California to Alaska to Georgia to New York to Hawai'i! 

- Podcast: Building Empires: Momentum In Life + Business 

- and more... 

So what else? Here are some of the topics I have done specialized consulting in... 

- Employee retention 

- Profitability


- Selling with ease

- Value differentiation 

-  Ideal clients

- Networking 

- Copy/Content

- SEO and SEM training 

... and more! 



Special Payment Plan: 

6 payments of $250! 

I've started from the beginning, and I know the amazing value of this course, but I know that payments can make it so much easier! Not only is it affordable, but it reminds you to do the work each month! 

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About Sharon

You may not know my story… but about 6 years ago I was working full time as a marketing director at a nonprofit. I attended my very first networking event and hated it.

“I will never live the kind of life where I need to do THAT!” that was how I felt about networking.

Little did I know, over the next several years I would take my knack for people along with creating systems that would allow me to make the best use of my time and build TWO 6-figure businesses. INTERNATIONALLY….

Not to brag, but here are some of the things I’ve done…

  1. International Speaker

  2. Featured in Honolulu Business Magazine as a “Superwoman!”

  3. Built a Location Independent Business… twice.

  4. Won awards for my first course, Down & Dirty Facebook Ads

  5. Built a marketing agency that has worked with clients all over the US

  6. Created a 6-figure business from a BLOG

  7. Worked with hundreds of small business owners to level up their business through mentorship, digital courses, agency work, trainings and motivational speaking

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