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Journal Your Perfect Day Into Reality

Jun 07, 2021

Journaling Prompt: The Perfect Day 

I started doing this mindset exercise about 2 years ago… I remember sitting on my blue velvet couch in my apartment in Georgia. I loved that couch… it had little diamonds for buttons. I was working 100 hours per week and was working with a coach to shift my mindset about “needing” to work so much. 

I journaled about the perfect day and it was an eye-opening experience. I started to uncover what I really wanted… 

I wrote down every juicy detail of what I wanted my life to look like. I wrote about when I would wake up, that first sip of coffee, taking the time to journal, read and meditate in the morning. Working out. No clients calls before 10 am… and the clients! 

I wrote about high vibe clients who were eager and I would get on the phone with them and both of us would leave feeling energized. They would make tons of money and feel excited about each day and we would celebrate wins together! 

I wrote about having time each day to work on content, and created blog posts and social from flow and passion! 

I wrote about being interviewed several times a month! (I’ve been on 3 podcasts in the last month!) 

I wrote about launching programs that would change the lives of entrepreneurs! 

 Some people think of their ‘ideal day’ and its retirement. Those are not necessarily my people.

 My people crave time in their day to do what they love! 

Maybe it’s designing websites or creating content or having coaching calls or graphics design… we started businesses because we love what we do! 

I challenge you to take the time to do this exercise. Do it once or several times over the coming weeks and see what happens! Don’t hold back… just let the details flow!

  • Where do you want to be?

  • What do you do in the morning?

  • How does your life change the lives of others?

  • Are you volunteering?

  • What does your schedule look like? Is it unscheduled?

  • What big things are you working on?

  • Are you getting interviewed by publications?

  • Are you working on your next book?

  • How much money are you making?

  • How is money coming in?

  • What are you wearing?

This is just one of the tools I use with my clients to help identify what we are REALLY working towards. It’s not always just more clients. 

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