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Going All In For 2023

Jan 06, 2023

Happy New Years! 

New year, new word/phrase of the year and this year it’s (drumroll): GOING ALL IN! 

The last year I put a lot on hold to focus on building Pretty Simple. I didn’t send many emails, record many podcasts and my social media was incredibly quiet. I won’t lie, it felt good. I realized that I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade and I’ve never really allowed myself to chill out. 

In 2022 my word was decide. Not only did I do a deep dive into making decisions faster and with more confidence I did a few other things: 

  • Grew my San Antonio based developer meetup called “Geeks & Drinks” from 4 to 40+ attendees. 

  • Spoke on over a dozen panels and workshops focused on tech. 

  • Was featured in several San Antonio publications like this one. 

  • Launched and grew a membership product called “Mogul Mastermind” 

  • Got our first few hundred Pretty Simple subscribers. 

  • Refined my app. 

  • Worked with an international student all summer and documented every single process in both businesses. 

  • Maintained a monthly mastermind of peers in the tech community. 

  • Attended my sisters wedding in Alaska 


But I also just had a shit ton of fun! I chose went to the rooftop bars, went on several road trips to different place in Texas, built some amazing friendships and logged more than a few hours playing PlayStation. 


So what does going ALL in look like? 


It means taking alllll the pieces I’ve laid out over the years and putting the all into motion together. I’ve spent years building a brand and it’s just time for me to stop phoning it in. The in person events, speaking, press, coaching, podcast, and app… it all comes from the same energy of helping inspired entrepreneurs to activate their businesses. 


You’ll be hearing from me a lot more, and won’t be bogged down with perfectionism. It might be a little bit messy but it’ll be real as always. 

What is YOUR word for the year? 

Let’s forget the resolutions and set the intentions and go all in! 



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