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Leave those ‘To-Do’ Lists Behind (New Years Resolutions)

Dec 09, 2019

January of every year brings about thoughts of goals and resolutions.

What do we want and what are we going to do to get it? I am all for it... but as I wrap up this year, I am also acutely aware of what I need to release in order to level up.

We set goals each year and most people won't make it further than a month in keeping them. Part of the issue is that perhaps we haven't dealt with the blocks that hold us back from accomplishing those goals the year before. Right?

Maybe we can start with our old to-do lists... You know, those pesky lingering items that have been sitting there for weeks or months and never get done?

First of all, what items have been sitting on your to-do list?

Second, let's ask what is keeping you from accomplishing these items? I'll never take "I don't have time" as an excuse because we make time for what we truly prioritize. It is very likely this task won't take more than a few hours, if not minutes.

Is it something you are avoiding? Is it uncomfortable? Is it making you face something you don't want to face? Is it simply not enjoyable? Is it something deeper?

I have one client who has been wanting to declutter his workspace for a few months. He gets started but never finishes it 100%. As we discussed 2020 goals, adding that back on the list for yet another year felt like the cycle continues yet again. We broke up the office into 5 areas, 1 room per week in order to finish by the end of the year. Can you imagine how good it will feel to remove those types of items off your list?!

Personally, I have about 14 major tasks that have been on my list for 1 month or more that I am done carrying around. I have committed to myself to get them done by December 21st. Some are marketing, some are operational, and some are personal. One is simply resigning from positions that are no longer in alignment.

I've avoided about half of them because they are administrative items I cannot actually delegate (yay for delegation!). I will put those tasks at the end of each day and go through some intense internal theatrics to avoid it. Other things are just projects that have been going on for months and various issues have kept them from being completed. I'm over it and it's time to either give it up or wrap it up.

You know what's going to keep me pushing through the next couple of weeks? KNOWING that the feeling is going to be UNMATCHED. I am releasing so much pent of negative energy by completing and letting go of things... I know I will be completely unstoppable.

What are you ready to let go of?



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