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Why I Won't (Can't) Answer Your Quick Marketing Questions

Oct 30, 2019

It's not that I won't, it's that I can't. Doing so would be a disservice to you and me, and here's why... 

The Quick Question: 

Here are some of the “quick” questions I get, usually from strangers:

  • “What social media platforms should I use?”

  • “How often do I need to post?”

  • “Should I be using retargeting ads?”

  • "Should I use Wordpress?"

  •  “Should I use Fiverr for a logo?”

  • “Am I paying too much for SEO?”


I used to get an attitude and think to myself, "This is a full discussion, not a quick answer through text and doesn't everyone know that?" 

Actually, no, not everyone knows that. The less we know about something, the more simple and capable it seems. That's why some people think that website design, Facebook ads, graphics design are relatively simple. The more you know about it, the more complex it appears. (This is actually called the Dunning-Kruger Effect, but that’s for another day.)  

Here is the baseline: websites, Facebook ads, marketing strategies and social media can all be incredibly effective, but it does matter how and why you are using it.  

Let's use a website as an example: Yes, you can sign up for a number of platforms and build a website. There are a lot out there and a lot of pros and cons for each one, and here are some of the questions I would ask first: 

  1. Are you hiring someone or doing it yourself?

  2. Who is going to maintain the site?

  3. What is the purpose of the site? Personal? Leads? Relationship Building?

  4. What is your budget?

  5. If it's DIY, what is your experience or comfortability with basic coding?

  6. How secure does the site need to bed?

  7. Are there products being sold? How many?

  8. Is the branding done?

  9. Who is writing the content?

  10. Where are you getting the images for the site?

  11. Where are you hosting it?

... And you get the picture. With those questions I can make a recommendation -- and the answers are going to vary, business to business and industry to industry. A large multi-location eye clinic, who relies on Google to get leads, will get a different response that the blogger just getting started on a budget. 

So, why won't I answer your quick marketing questions? 

Because it isn't fair to you or to myself. It's not fair to you, because if I give a quick answer without asking all the right questions, and you valued my opinion enough to ask and you take action, and it's the wrong answer for your situation, I am doing you a disservice. 

It isn't fair to me, because I have spent over a decade in the digital marketing arena, and I make a living by consulting and coaching on these topics. I literally get paid to answer these questions, and to know the other 11+ questions I have to ask to get to the best answer for you. 

How I Answer This Question 

I used to have a hard time with how to handle these questions, and even now sometimes it catches me off guard and I have an attitude moment. I now have a nice response I can use, and if you are providing services or doing consulting work feel free to use your version of it: 

"Hi Susan, 

Thanks so much for asking! This is totally in my wheelhouse, but I would have to ask several questions to make sure I give you the best answer. I do offer 30-minute consultations for this type of questions, and here is the link: [insert scheduling link / free or paid depending on business model]

I can't wait to talk further!" 

I hope this was super helpful and gives some perspective from both sides of the conversation!



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