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The Power is in the Decision

Feb 09, 2020

Any given week I talk strategy with over dozens of businesses…

whether in a mastermind, course, client or social media. I live in this space... and the number one thing that holds people back from hitting the next big level in business or life is this step... the deciding.

We spent so much time either analyzing the decision to death that we don't move forward or tweaking and adjusting every little thing that it never goes live. I should know, I’m super guilty of this in the past.

How To Do Anything…

The two (or 10!) weeks we spent deciding, could have been spent building momentum, even if it's small...

  • How do you raise your prices? You decide to.

  • How do you start a podcast? You decide to.

  • How to you get more clients? You decide to.

  • How do you rebrand? You decided to.

  • How do you even start? You decide to.

  • How do you level up? You decide to.

Can you take a brief moment and really absorb that? What area in your life or business have you been trying to move forward... but really haven't made the decision to be all in?

The Power Of Making The Decision

Yes, there is strategy involved... but the first step is to decide you want it bad enough. It's the deciding that you really want it, that will push you to search for the answers and be willing to take the time or make the investment to push you to the next step.

If you decide you are going to make something happen, versus 'hoping' something will happen... you will make progress. You will move the needle forward.

Once the decision is made, take action on it. Think about it. Say it aloud. Write it down. How does it feel? It feels good right? Powerful. Maybe a relief? That’s the moment when things begin to shift.

A Decision That Changed How I Sell

I can't tell you how many clients have followed me for ages, and then one day they just decide. They check out my program, they jump on the call and they are all in. There is no more selling involved because they made a decision and realized I am part of the solution. This also involved me making a decision...

I got bored with my current process of selling and realized that it was a decision I had to make... I wanted clients who wanted to work with me. Who just HAD to work with me, because they would be the ones that would get the most out of our time together. Now? I don't send an agreement until they are 100% all-in, start date scheduled. My agreements get signed within moments of being opened (yes, I use tracking software because I'm a nerd like that), and we make massive moves!

What does this mean for you?

I challenge you to decide on something you've been half-assing for a while. If you want to grow your business, do it. Make the calls. Go to the event. Post on social media. If you want to work out more, decide to. Set up accountability, hire a trainer, join a free Facebook group. Decide. If you want to build an empire, then decide. Ask out the girl. Take the class. Make your power move. Commit to the idea.

There is power in the decision, but only you can make it.



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