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The Gratitude Point: Focusing On The Positive During Total Chaos

Mar 13, 2019

You know that feeling, when it seems like everything is crumbling around you. Everything thought stable, is gone? It’s a necessary process… because now, my dear, you are freeing space for things so much better than you had before.

I’ve been there before, and lately I’ve been having this very conversation over and over again… when it keeps happening, I have to talk about it!

“Effort only exists when there is resistance.”

— Abraham Hicks

Through the metamorphosis you are experiencing, we can choose two responses. We can fight it and sabotage ourselves by either not fully releasing what we once thought we needed (false stability), or filling the void with a temporary less-than-ideal replacement.

Instead, I challenge you to choose to be excited for the future! Know that the doors that open will only be much better than what you had. Whatever you think it could be, I promise it can be even greater.

You were once okay with the money losing business, the shit relationship, speaking for free, being in constant pain… not only can you have the “okay” version of all these things… you can have the SUPER PROFITABLE BOOMING EMPIRE business, the FIRE SOUL-CONNECTION relationships, THE INTERNATIONAL speaking engagements, being able to RUN, RIDE and DANCE.

Choosing gratefulness and choosing excitement is a practice, and a decision.

So how do you do this?

Finding The Gratitude Point

Every day we have dozens of routines. We brush our teeth, walk our dogs, workout, make coffee, eat lunch… what is a routine that you can make your gratitude point? What is the thing that you do each day, that will remind you to be appreciative of all you have and all that is?

For me, when I decided to live a life of more gratitude, I looked at my daily routines and knew that when I went outside, multiple times a day to walk my dog… that would become my gratitude point.

There is something to be said about nature. I am not a huge hiking fiend or anything, but I find that whenever I stop and breathe, I am allowing space for peace. Taking notice of the leaves in the trees, the warmth of the sun, a blooming flower, the sound of the wind, lazy snowflakes falling on the lamplight, the aurora borealis filling the sky, even the fox that followed me on my walk last night... brought me peace.

So find your gratitude point and take those few minutes to be quiet and list all the things that you are thankful for. Not only for what you have, but for what you will have, and the things set in motion for the future. You are becoming the better version of you, up-leveling, and in exchange attracting a higher level of everything.

In this exercise, the excitement for the future can’t help but build.

Be thankful for what you have had to let go of, because it is opening space for the the bigger, better thing you desire.

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