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The Manifest List

Nov 11, 2020

**Authors Note: This blog was originally written in 2017. It is now a best selling journal available on Amazon.**

We all have dreams.

Sometimes they lay dormant, asleep and waiting to come to fruition.

Other times, they are in front of you, seemingly just out of reach.

A few weeks ago, I was ready to level up. I wanted to manifest things I didn’t think possible before.

I knew there were four things I had to do:

  • Know what I wanted to manifest

  • Meditate on it / visualize it

  • Come from a place of gratitude, not desperation or scarcity

  • Take action

And this is how The Manifest List was born. Every day, either alone or with my sister, I started writing down the following: 6 Things To Manifest; 20 Things I’m Thankful For & 3 Action Steps.

Doing this consistently, I’ve seen some pretty amazing things happen… it’s not because it’s magic (maybe a little fairy dust involved) but this is why:

  1. Writing Things Down: There is power in our words, whether typed or spoken — but there is something exceedingly powerful in the written word. Not only does it have staying power (a though can dissolve into nothing, right?) but it focuses us to organize the chaos in our brains.

  2. Thankfulness: There have been a lot of years in my life where I came from a place of desperation and not feeling like there was never enough. The first 10 things are always easy, but it’s the last 10 that you have to get creative. Don’t cheat yourself and always put the same things, unless that’s what you feel led to do. I had two big ‘aha’ moments. First, I noticed that there were more people, and not things, on this list. Isn’t it amazing how we can overlook relationships when thinking about gratitude? Second was the fact that I am very thankful for my basic needs being met. Having a home, a nice car and health are all things that many, many people go without.

  3. Action: Author Bo Bennett said: “In order to carry a positive vision, we must develop a positive vision.” Steps #1 and #2 are a positive vision, and step #3 is having clear action items to push forward and start creating the life you want.

I had some big car issues, a debt I wanted to pay off and just life ‘stuff’ that was looming over me. I had to focus on abundance, positivity and saw things turn around! — T’sha

Your Challenge:

Whether you journal consistently at the same time every day, or just in your day when you feel the need to feel grounded — go through this exercise. Revisit in the later weeks, and see what you’ve made happen!


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