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You Are Never Truly ‘Starting Over’

Aug 19, 2021

You Are Never “Starting All Over”…

There is a consistent theme with my clients: they feel like they are ‘starting over.' The stories are all eerily the same: 

  • They’ve been in business for 10 years with no profit, so are starting over.

  • They built a wildly successful business, but they have personally shifted and it’s time for something new.

  • A partnership dissolved and so now they are solo and starting over.

  • The kids left the house, and they are starting over…

Whether you are doing a drastic rebrand, starting a completely new business, or simply restructuring, it can feel like you are back to square one. Building the audience. Perfecting the product. Balancing cash flow. 

Here’s the thing though… 

You are never truly starting over. With each new step, you are bringing all of the experiences the wins, the failures, the experiences, and connections to your new level.

What if you were to look at it like this: every experience you’ve had leading you up to this point has led you to today. Every experience has prepared you for your journey today! You have the same soul. The same drive, albeit with a renewed sense of purpose…. but you are never truly starting over. 

I never thought I would be a marketing coach. An author. A speaker. A tech founder. 

My entrepreneur journey started with building a digital marketing agency. That decade of my life gifted me with a depth of experiences that no school could ever teach me. I learned how to inspire a team. I learned how to delegate. I learned the value of customer experience. I learned profitability. I learned to say only yes to the “hell yes!” of opportunities. When I closed my agency, it was a thoughtful experience and intentional every step of the way. I had built something that so many people aspire to, but my soul was unfulfilled. I didn’t have time to pursue the things that ignited my passion. 

I had a choice. I could either double down and build a national agency, fully scaled, and continue serving clients all over the United States… or I could follow the thing that fulfilled me, working with entrepreneurs one on one to build a business using the experiences I had. Instead of selling, I divvied up clients to all of my freelancers so they could continue on their journeys, I equipped my team with the systems and processes I had built and I walked away. 

Because of that decision, I created the space to do what I do today, with the latest piece of my empire being a tech company. While still at the infant stages, I am happier and have more time to enjoy my life than ever before. 

I did start over again, I simply let go and took the next step forward. 

What is your next step forward? 


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